About Induction Heating

The principle of high frequency induction heating is to induce a current to flow into a
conductor or semi-conductor thereby producing heat within the part by resistance to
the flow of current or I²R.

Applications include:

Soldering, Brazing, Heating Treating, Bonding, Annealing, Melting, Casting, Curing,
Getter Firing, Catheter Tipping, Forging, Hot Shearing, Wire Heating, Billet Heating,
Bar Heating, Shrink Fitting, Stress Relieving, Crystal Growing, Epitaxial Deposition,
Getter Flashing, TV tubes, X-Ray Tubes, Vacuum Tubes, Zone Refining, Hermetic
Sealing, Metal Levitation and Ceramic to Metal Seals.

PPST Power Supply Benefits

Selective Localized Heating
• Load matching
• Easily Automated
• 90% Power Conversion Efficiency
• Reliable and Productive
• Repeatable Results
• Selectable output side left or right
• Large units use sliding inverter drawers for easy repair

Other benefits:

• Space Saving – Smallest Power Supplies per kW Rating
• Cost saving – Lowest Cost per kW rating
• Local or Remote Control via Remote panel or PLC
• Remote Heat Stations for Hand held Applications or Automated Mounting
• All Solid State Design
• Proven Field Experience
• Excellent technical support and training, service calls available
About Us
Sales Policy:

PPST does not sell directly to end users, but only to qualified  induction heating
equipment manufacturers.

Our customer are free to identify our power supplies as their own.

PPST provides complete technical and service support as well as training.

Among our best customers are the largest induction heating equipment
manufacturers in the world.