Precision Power Systems and Technology, Inc. was formed to
provide state of the art power supplies and products for other
induction heating systems and equipment manufacturers.
The founders are individuals with extensive and proven
experience in all product areas. Our product teams' capabilities
are further enhanced through joint venture agreements with
other experienced companies and key individuals within these

The induction heating power supplies offer ratings from 1.5kW to
320kW at frequencies of 35 to 400kHz utilizing the most advanced
solid state and microelectronics technology. PPST units are at the
lowest cost per Kilowatt as well as the smallest size per kilowatt .

The goal of our company is to provide quality products featuring
the latest technology at the lowest possible price.  We will
continue to make products with the highest of quality advancing
technology to meet the challenges of new emerging applications.

Precision Power Systems
& Technology,  Inc.